About TeleSecure360

  • Enabling healthcare professionals to manage their practice and stay in touch with their patients online.
  • Encourage patients to participate in their own healthcare and access their own personal health information. 
  • Put patient health information at the center of chronic care management.

A Digital Platform to Connect Doctors and Patients

The platform helps to achieve the goal of TeleSecure360 by giving healthcare professionals access to a Virtual Practice that allows them to be securely reachable to their patients, through web and mobile applications. By doing this, healthcare professionals will be able to consult their patients online and they can monitor their patients remotely.

Why Do Patients and Healthcare Professionals Need This?

  • Patients require healthcare providers to be more accessible in a manageable fashion that doesn’t interfere with their personal or hospital time.
  • It is difficult to keep up with prescription schedules, dietary alterations, and routine adjustments.
  • Patients have extensive healthcare needs beyond a visit to the doctor’s clinic or hospital
  • Experienced healthcare professionals are not always locally available 
  • As the number of patients with chronic diseases is increasing, doctors must establish effective, practical, and responsive ways of helping these patients.

Technology Can Help, but Patients Require Real Healthcare Professionals

While people are increasingly using health sensors, interacting with their doctors and other patients on social media, and searching for information online but it is important to know that:

  • Without a real healthcare provider, it is challenging and risky to interpret a patient’s health data.
  • To correctly diagnose and treat an illness, one must have a thorough awareness of each patient’s unique requirements.
  • Social media platforms and messaging services are inappropriate locations to discuss health issues.
And for that reason, allowing patients and healthcare professionals to securely communicate and interact with one another is the great way to meet the needs of both patients and healthcare professionals.

People on a Mission

The TeleSecure360 platform was developed by a devoted group of people who were committed to transforming the way healthcare is provided and accessed.  We worked hard every day to improve and increase the utility of our product, which we have carefully created to assist both healthcare professionals and their patients.

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